Global e-Society Complex

Network of Local-Global Investment Funds for Societal Development

Funds, produce of the revenues of the Globplex-Networks of Convivial Socio-economy Dynamics, Local-Global Societal DataBank, Local-Global Societal Entities Repository,, and other strictly Globplex Platforms.
A GlocoBank Website is being prepared for each geo-territory of the world.
Each website caries all related GlocoBank transaction data of the territory.
GlocoBank Funds are managed in a transparent, citizens' driven, participatory way, per geo-terrotory.

GlocoBank is only fed by Globplex internal activities,
it does in no way invest or handle money from third parties,
nor does it handle financial transactions outside the Globplex-System.

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Take proactively part in the conception and implementation of a viable, convivial society.
Start at your village, neighborhood, town, municipality, province, region, country, ...

Unique opportunities to create or improve jobs, enterprises and nonprofit organizations, locally-to-globally.
Innovative extensions of school curricula, in all branches of learning.

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Global e-Society Complex